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Agnetha Fältskog: A+

Agnetha Fältskog: A+

Fecha de lanzamiento : 13-10-23

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  1. 1Where Do We Go From Here?
  2. 2Back On Your Radio (A+)
  3. 3I Should’ve Followed You Home (feat. Gary Barlow) (A+)
  4. 4Dance Your Pain Away (A+)
  5. 5I Was A Flower (A+)
  6. 6Perfume In The Breeze (A+)
  7. 7Past Forever (A+)
  8. 8The One Who Loves You Now (A+)
  9. 9Bubble (A+)
  10. 10When You Really Loved Someone (A+)
  11. 11I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed (A+)
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