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Elvis Presley: Love Songs (180g) (Red Vinyl) 3 lps

Elvis Presley: Love Songs (180g) (Red Vinyl) 3 lps

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  • Tracklisting

  1. 1Can't help falling in love
  2. 2It's now or never
  3. 3The girl of my best friend
  4. 4Fever
  5. 5Shoppin' around
  6. 6Blue hawaii
  7. 7That's when your heartaches begin
  8. 8(now and then there's) a fool such as i
  9. 9She's not you
  10. 10Return to sender
  11. 11One night
  12. 12Don't ask me why
  13. 13I'm left, you're right, she's gone
  14. 14Playing for keeps
  15. 15Love me
  16. 16Are you lonesome tonight?

  1. 1Have i told you lately that i love you?
  2. 2Good luck charm
  3. 3Wooden heart
  4. 4True love
  5. 5Don't be cruel
  6. 6There's always me
  7. 7Starting today
  8. 8Wear my ring around your neck
  9. 9Love me tender
  10. 10In your arms
  11. 11Loving you
  12. 12Treat me nice
  13. 13Anyway you want me (that's how i will be)
  14. 14Stuck on you
  15. 15(let me be your) teddy bear
  16. 16I want you, i need you, i love you

  1. 1Surrender
  2. 2Tonight is so right for love
  3. 3What's she really like
  4. 4It's a sin
  5. 5Gently
  6. 6Pocketful of rainbows
  7. 7I gotta know
  8. 8I need you so
  9. 9A big hunk o' love
  10. 10I'm coming home
  11. 11Doin' the best i can
  12. 12My wish came true
  13. 13As long as i have you
  14. 14I love you because
  15. 15Lover doll
  16. 16I need your love tonight
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