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Morrissey: ¡The Best Of! 2 LPS

Morrissey: ¡The Best Of! 2 LPS

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  • Tracklisting

  1. The more you ignore me, the closer I get
  2. Suedehead
  3. Everyday is like sunday
  4. Glamorous glue
  5. Do your best and don't worry
  6. November spawned a monster
  7. The last of the famous international playboys
  8. Sing your life
  9. Hairdresser on fire
  10. Interesting drug

  1. We hate it when our friends become successful
  2. Certain people i know
  3. Now my heart is full (edit)
  4. I know it's gonna happen someday
  5. Sunny
  6. Alma matters
  7. Hold on to your friends
  8. Sister I'm a poet
  9. Disappointed
  10. Tomorrow
  11. Lost
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