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Rome: Gates Of Europe (Lim.Deluxe CD+7inch Box-Edition)

Rome: Gates Of Europe (Lim.Deluxe CD+7inch Box-Edition)

Fecha de lanzamiento : 25-08-23

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  1. 1Gates of europe
  2. 2The death of a lifetime
  3. 3Yellow and blue
  4. 4How came beauty against this blackness
  5. 5Eagles of the trident
  6. 6Whom the gods wish to destroy
  7. 7Our lady of the legion
  8. 8Marauder
  9. 9The black axis
  10. 10The ballad of mariupol
  11. 11Going back to kyiv
  12. 12The brightest sun
  13. 13Olenivka rain
  14. 14Archives of silence


  1. 1Perpetua
  2. 2Mauserballett
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