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Ramones: Ramones (remastered) (180g)

Ramones: Ramones (remastered) (180g)

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Como parte de la campaña del 40 aniversario de los Ramones, los tres primeros álbumes de la banda se lanzan con un nuevo audio remasterizado.

  1. 1Blitzkrieg bop
  2. 2Beat on the brat
  3. 3Judy is a punk
  4. 4I wanna be your boyfriend
  5. 5Chain saw
  6. 6Now I wanna sniff some glue
  7. 7I don't wanna go down to the basement
  8. 8Loudmouth
  9. 9Havana affair
  10. 10Listen to my heart
  11. 1153rd & 3rd
  12. 12Let's Dance (Bmi)
  13. 13I don't wanna walk around with you
  14. 14Today your love, tomorrow the world
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